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The Pool Construction Process

Fain Builders and Pools of Tallahassee is excited to help your dream pool become a reality. We provide consultation, design, and construction services that fit your desires, needs, and budget.


The Process

  1. Consultation – This is the first step. We’ll gather information about how you will use the pool, the shape you want it to be, and when you want to get started. We take into consideration the topography of the land and the home’s architecture.
  2. Engineering plans, permits, HOA – After those decisions are made, we go to work drawing the plans and obtaining permits. You will be responsible for obtaining any necessary HOA approvals.
  3. Layout – After the plans are approved, we use paint and pins to lay the pool out according to the plan’s size, location, and shape.
  4. Excavation – The first phase of construction now begins. Our expert crew is on the scene to “dig” you pool. This typically takes one to two days.
  5. Plumbing and Equipment – The plumbing system for your pool will be designed to require minimal maintenance. An experienced plumber installs the plumbing lines and equipment including pumps, valves, and fittings.
  6. Frame – A steel frame is constructed next. This skeleton is formed by laying bars both vertically and horizontally and serves as a reinforcement structure.
  7. Shotcrete – Now the pool will really begin to take shape. Shotcrete is a special mix of concrete which is “shot” through hoses under high pressure. The shotcrete is sprayed in layers using a back and forth motion of the nozzle. This forms a concrete shell of the pool.