Thursday, September 20, 2018
Residential Framing


A good Tallahassee framing job sets the tone for an entire homebuilding project. Once the concrete slab is poured, our Fain Builders team arrives and frames the walls, roof, windows and doors. We view framing as the core of a residence, and understand the artistic talent and construction expertise needed to design and install it correctly.

Picture of house being framedWe’ve been doing quality framing work for more than 15 years, and we’re known for paying thorough attention to every detail. In the unlikely event that an issue does arise, we are quick to return and remedy the problem. We’re known throughout Tallahassee as a team that stands by our word. We’re not happy with your residential framing until you are.
We’re a multipurpose organization, and many homeowners choose to have us complete other aspects of the homebuilding project as well. After all, we have the necessary licensing to undertake roofing and pool construction. Unlike other contractors who must hire separate supervisors for different projects, we’re able to do nearly all of them ourselves. This results in significant time savings.
Each day is different for us. You’ll find us repairing roof shingles one day and crafting residential framing for new construction or installing a pool the next. We’re equally qualified to do exemplary work for all three.
 We stand by our work. Contact Fain Builders for a Tallahassee residential framing quote today.